I love eBooks. Hardcore. I especially love eBooks written by bloggers!

Now an eBook isn’t the same as an iBook, Kindle book, or Nook book, or all the other variations. eBooks tend to be done by the writer/blogger themselves in PDF format. I’d love to write my own eBook except I would ramble on about glitter and rainbows and AWESOMENESS and no one wants to buy that!

So here’s a list (some links are affiliate links!) of my favorite eBooks written by bloggers!

DIY Blog Critique Workbook

I bought this eBook awhile back and love all the bits of information on how to improve blog design, blog content, and blog functionality. It also came with a free checklist and I am a sucker for checklists!

Mom Blog SEO

LOVE THIS EBOOK! SEO has never been a huge passion of mine and I have practically every page bookmarked already! This book is SO worth it if you want more traffic, better search engine rankings, and over all bloggy awesomeness.

Mom Blog SEO eBook

Leap into Spring Free Tips and Tricks

Photography eBook? Yay! Written by some of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca of Bumbles and Light, Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud, and Alicia of Project Alicia, this eBook has a ton of tips gathered from the Leap into Spring Photography Challenge!

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Perhaps one of the more widely known eBooks, this has a TON of tips and tricks to help you not only have a better blog but become a better BLOGGER as well! Broken up over a month, you get a task each day from something small as people watching to revamping entire pages of your blog! Just fantastic!

Tell Your Time

I think by now it’s known how disorganized I am and how time management isn’t exactly something I’d ever put on a resume. This eBook has really helped me focus my time and energy so that little things like remembering to give my oldest son $3 for a recorder at school or emailing a client back about a blog issue doesn’t fall through the cracks!

One Bite at a Time

A simple living eBook with 52 projects to help (for me especially!) get rid of a good chunk of the stress that comes with day to day life and simplifying all of it! It’s almost magical.

Simple Blogging

This eBook is great not only for blog tips but what I really loved was how it helped me fit blogging around our family routine. I no longer feel an overwhelming sense of guilt if it takes me more than an hour or even a whole DAY to respond to an email. That it’s OK to take weekends off! I seriously can’t praise this book enough!

So there you go! My current 7 favorite eBooks written by bloggers! If you have a favorite eBook or have written one, I’d love to know about it!

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Stephanie tweets at  & has commented 7 times at OSN!

Thanks for sharing. I will have to consider buying one of this ebooks. Especially the two on blogging. Want to make my blog design better looking. :)


Sarah tweets at  & has commented 3929 times at OSN!

Let me know what you think of the books you pick out!

Lisa Marie @ MidwestVeg commented 19 times at OSN!

That One Bite At a Time looks interesting. I might purchase it for the Kindle. It seems like something that would be right up my alley. As a Libra I’m constantly trying to balance those scales and end up going crazy in the process. Always doing too many things at once.

I did download the Leap Into Spring eBook last week after you mentioned it. I’m planning to lay out in the sun sometime this week with the Kindle and read them all.

Sarah tweets at  & has commented 3929 times at OSN!

YES YES YESSSS. All yes about the Libra!

I read it all on my iPhone or iPad with iBooks or the Kindle app. Love my Kindle app!

Sheena commented 15 times at OSN!

I have the 1st and last ebooks, which reminds me, I need to read them, lol.

Sarah tweets at  & has commented 3929 times at OSN!

I tend to skim the first round and just bookmark the pages that interest me and then when I have time, actually READ the book lol.

Becca - Our Crazy Boys tweets at  & has commented 6 times at OSN!

I love this list, and am working on an eBook myself right now!

Thank you for the reading recommendations, Sara!

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Sarah tweets at  & has commented 3929 times at OSN!

OHHHH details! What are you writing about?

Becca tweets at  & has commented 6 times at OSN!

Obtaining group and individual conference sponsorships!

Sarah tweets at  & has commented 3929 times at OSN!

OHHH let me know when you publish it, can’t wait to have it!

Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud tweets at  & has commented 129 times at OSN!

Sarah, thank you so much for sharing our e-book with your readers. We’re in such great company too! Thanks for the recommendations. There are a few here that I’ve yet to download! :)
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