I can’t seem to focus today. I might try and drag my sister to the local camera store I really want to buy an affordable reflector if at all possible.

Wow, Britney Spears Files for Divorce!

I’m trying to ponder tonight’s dinner. Probably grilled cheese with basil.


I went alone to the camera store and picked up some close up filters. Still debating if I like them or not.

I am just not in the best of moods today. I need a hug.

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maricar commented 2989 times at OSN!

Sorry girl.  ((hugs))  Was the grilled cheese good though?

Christa commented 2989 times at OSN!

Grilleeed cheeese. Yummy x[. *hug* Hope your grilled cheeeeese (thank you, you are making me droool) was yummy. Oy, K-Fed and Britney Spears. It was bound to happen. I’m surprised its been two years already, actually.

Jennifer commented 2989 times at OSN!

Oooh. I hope you got that reflector!! Retail therapy always cheers me up. Well, most of the time haha.

Yeah, it’s about time Brit filed for divorce! I never liked KFed anyways…I’m sure he’s a nice guy, though :

So…macro filters? I don’t know haha. My last photography class was nearly a year ago haha.

Alyssa commented 2989 times at OSN!

Its about time Britney filed for divorce. I hate grilled cheese =/

Iva commented 2989 times at OSN!

Grilled cheese with basil. Can I pretty, pretty, pretty please get a recipe for that? Sounds like something I’d love to eat and I am not the world’s greatest cook.

Also, I already think of replacing basil with origano…origano tastes better.

Iva commented 2989 times at OSN!

Oh yes, and I forgot the hug…sorry:)

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