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Matt is here, both he and Daniel are sick heh everything is going ok with the family so far…

Bleh I have to get ready for work in an hour. I had to leave early because Daniel is so sick. Horrid cough.

Well this is short, I hope everyone had a lovely V-day! Matt cooked dinner for me and cleaned the apartment and made my bedroom all fancy lol.

I hope to be back online soon!

posted on February 15th 2004 at 10:12PM CST

THAT is SO SWEET, I wish my guy did that. Oh well, here’s hopin!! *crosses fingers*

posted on February 17th 2004 at 9:41PM CST

I was just surfing…and suddenly I ended up here!! Amazing….I love your layout….the colors are so smooth and soft…You have done an amazzing work…Keep it up…I’ll be back to grab a button to link this dazzling garden to my website…I don’t have time now…it is already six o’clock in the morning here in Greece and I’m ready to fall asleep on my keyboard….Keep it up I’ll come back again….hugs Kathy   *

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