Well thanks to my drunk ass stepbitch the trip was cancelled…my father is so fucked over by her he pays her RENT upwards a grand a month and yet his own fucking kids aren’t worth shit to him….my mom was RIGHT about him! no one is online to talk to ….not like I would really be good to talk to in my anger/depression state im in right now….and ONCE AGAIN my fiances fucked up family spent all the money for the month on crap not sure WHAT exactly since it all seems to not appear in the house….i want OUT of here I got an offer to move in sept and I am pretty sure I will move….it will be weird but I need to think for myself for once…..i can’t survive like this anymore maybe people will realize that i was more important to them than they had thought…….what a tongue twister huh…well i am going to try to find something to do online….i swear at least in columbus i had SEMI freedom even if it was a bad situation well off to wallow…

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