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So the night before last at work I was told I had the most prettiest smile. heh. Go me I guess.

Then at work tonight, psycho lady. We were starting to close and she came up with a bra, her bank card had no signature and she had no ID or anything else with a signature, legally there is nothing we can do, so after she yells at me, she slams her hand on the counter “FUCK THIS” and starts ranting and raving, so my manager who is petite, comes up and asks me what is going on, so I tell her and she informs the evil woman that we can’t do anything about it, I then tell her that she can put the bra on hold she then agrees to that but yells at me when I have to ask her name and phone number for the hold tag… it was just insane…. and after that all the customers that came up to the register were super nice to me lol.

Tomorrow (well techinally later today) my sister is taking me up to Gurnee to her store to get us some shoes and then out to a fancy lunch. I think to the library as well, so that should be fun. I am looking forward to it.

Well I am finally going to try to get some sleep!

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posted on March 24th 2004 at 7:31PM CST

Oh god, what a psycho woman!  Hope you don’t have to encounter many more rabid customers any time soon.
Oi, and my OSN mail is working again, I’ll reply to your message ASAP :)

posted on March 24th 2004 at 8:35PM CST

I hope you are doing okay (other than having to take crap from people who need to just take a “decrap” pill {yes, that’s what I call it, haha}…) – it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted! Let me know how you are. :) Peace and Love.

posted on March 25th 2004 at 5:25AM CST

Sounds like a real winner there but the good thing is, beginning today, you have two days free of that place!  Enjoy them totally!  And the weather is so fine besides….. yes, yes, yes!

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