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January 3rd 2010 / 1 minute to read


Here is what I’ve come up with so far!

An entry about wordpress, blogging, design, etc. May be a screencast.

I will post a recipe every Monday, generally I try to make sure recipes I post are generally healthy, or at the very least minimally processed.

Nothing yet, feel free to suggest something!

This one is simple, Wordless Wednesday. It’s so hard this time of year for me to take any photos and this meme sort of “forces” me to grab my camera… even if it’s of the same thing every week.

Nothing yet, feel free to suggest something!

Perhaps a vlog.

Progress on becoming healthier, recap of what I’ve done during the week, etc.

Do you have a schedule, even if it’s just mental, of what you blog during the week? Would it be something you’re interested in doing?

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I do have a blogging schedule, although I am messing around with it a bit. I do certain topics on certain days which helps me think of things to write about and not panic if I can’t come up with something! Some regular topics are: Media Chatter, Fill in the Blank Friday (which is my own meme), The Sunday Post, and Mom Mondays.

But’s it’s an ongoing process!

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Reply to Tamara

sounds like a great blogging scheduale. I wish I was motivated enough to blog like that, but alas, I never have anything interesting to talk about. :(

Hope your new thinger works out well. :) I shall have to come see what you write.
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Reply to Jenny

I don’t have a “schedule” but I can only blog at certain times of the day. I have to write when the kids are either sleeping, or when they’re with their grandma, so I have to make really good use of my time. I plan all my writing in my head before hand (actually, this is how I write every paper, and the reason I can write 10 page research papers in a few hours and still get A’s.) Then when I sit down, I just start pouring it all out.

It is a little harder to write when I know I have to, as opposed to when the mood strikes – but the mood always strikes at the most inopportune time now that I’m home with the kids, so I have to put a lot of things on ice, and I often lose about half of what I wanted to say. I’ve started using my iPhone to record “memos” to myself about things I want to blog about.

But in terms of a schedule of types of blogs/entries, I don’t have anything like that. I probably should. I tried doing a “Things You Should Read” thursday (like a carnival) and I couldn’t keep up with it.

I’m going to try to do better in the future though. I need to get more organized with my writing.
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Reply to TheFeministBreeder

I considered creating a blogging schedule but decided against it. I know I would not stick to it because I like blogging when the urge hits me. If I had a schedule to stick to, I would probably lose interest and blogging wouldn’t be fun for me anymore.
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Reply to Michelle
Joni Rae

I’ve been planning to do Menu Monday (go over my food plans for the week,healthy and frugal menu planning tips,some recipes and weekly goals) Tuesday-free blogging, Wordless Wednesday (I’ve seen several people doing this and I think its cool), Thursday is homeschool stuff (interesting projects, progress, etc) and Foodie Friday (a weekly favorite recipe, thoughts about food and cooking) Saturdays and Sundays will also be free blogging.
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Reply to Joni Rae

@Tamara, I agree, it does seem to alleviate that “what do I write about?!” panic when you realized you’ve had the same post up for the past two weeks lol. Also I feel it will help readers know when to expect posts on certain subjects, instead of “I wonder when they will post about ____ again”.

@Jenny, thank you so much! I like having a schedule, ironically because I don’t prefer them much in daily life, online so I don’t get overwhelmed.

@TheFeministBreeder, I seem to be lucky when it comes to computer time, generally I am on when the baby nurses and since he nurses so frequently, I get a lot of online time lol.

That is a FABULOUS idea about doing little memos! I just installed a notepad app on my blackberry for those rare times I can think of a post idea ahead of time and don’t want to forget it.

@Michelle, I decided to create one because I tend to get overwhelmed with what to write about. I am hoping by having a more “defined” schedule, it will help me focus a bit.

@Joni Rae, your schedule sounds fantastic!


Since you’re so into AP, perhaps dedicate 1 day a week to a topic about it? There is so much you can go into with the different styles of AP and maybe what you think/why/how you incorporate them into raising Tristan, etc. I like the variety you’ve decided on. Fresh and new keeps people coming back.
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Reply to Amanda

Hmm, I don’t know how comfortable you are blogging about paganism, though you identify yourself as pagan in your main header info but you rarely mention it in your blogs. Would you maybe blog about the pagan aspect of your life on one of your open days? Anything from how it influences your life, children, spouse, etc., if at all to how you practice if you’re comfortable talking about it?
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I’d also be interested in reading about your pagan practices, if that’s something you’re comfortable sharing.

Reply to Cheryl

I’ve tried a couple of different blog schedules. Right now I’m trying to keep it simple: Mondays and Thursdays I write something of substance in one of the topics I’m passionate about (basically something about natural parenting/living). The other 5 days I just do something fun (pictures of my son) or tutorials (we did a lot of crafting in December) or ideas for toddler activities.
I think I would like to institute at least one regular day for toddler activities, and I’d also like to return to posting on Sundays about what activities I’ll be doing with my son that week. I’ve had several google searches for toddler activities, so it seems like a topic people would find valuable.
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Reply to Dionna

I think this is a terrific idea! I may try to implement something like this myself!
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Reply to Amy

Is there a list somewhere of all the daily memes? That would be cool to help set a schedule or just as a blog prompt.
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Reply to Lynda

Good luck hun, I was thinking about a blogging schedule but I would have to plan it but with uni my normal days to blog are Wednesdays and Sundays.. looking forward to your posts.
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Reply to Damita

@Amanda, that a good idea! I do feel AP is the way to go. It has always been very important to me especially with Daniel. I think people assume AP is only for babies and that is so crazy to me. Being AP isn’t limited from birth – 3yrs old you know?

@Samantha and Cheryl, you’re both right! I will freely admit my spirituality has gone down hill in the past 2 years. I really want to refresh myself, start anew. Writing about it will help me focus and stay on track! Also I want to re-focus Daniel as when he lived with his bio-father, he and his GF tried to push christianity REALLY hard on my son. To the point that when he came back to me (mind you out of his almost 8yrs of life he lived with his bio-father for only 5 MONTHS) he was terrified I would SPANK him if he said “God” that was not in a “praying” sense. WTF right!

@Dionna, that sounds awesome! Especially finding a “niche” with the toddler activities. I also love any/all crafting posts which is ironic because the only creativity I have is with my photography lol.

@Amy, thank you! I am hoping that this schedule helps keep me focused!

@Damita, thank you so much! I would suggest putting a lot of posts in drafts so on those Wed/Sun you can build up a “stash” if you will.


Good Luck, just don’t over do it and burn yourself out.
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Reply to Kimm

Thank you Kimm! I think the schedule will work out in the long run because I can always have a backlog of posts!

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