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When I thought my life couldn’t get more stupid, I got this comment on May 27th’s entry!
Name: adam
E-Mail: adamwest@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://don’t have one
Comments: I thought Zadi was the founder of Elven ?

all I have to say to this is……….

People get OVER IT please, I make one flippant comment on work crys and I did long ago and I get people actually thinking I even CARE about actual PALACE. Sorry I have more things to worry about now instead of avatars, mainly pregnancy for ONE. Oh I swear. People like that amuse me, kinda proves how many “palace people” read my blog :) I seem to stil be famous in their little palace worlds. Well enough ranting about an amusing comment! HMmm I hope matt comes home soon, I am wanting a sandwhich although being in upright positions do not bode well at the moment, makes me go into gag then hurl mode heh.

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