A Not Awesome Weekend Of Epicness

August 13th 2012 / 2 minutes to read

That would be my husband at the ER because his knee decided to up and get infected. How? His job is VERY physical and not only does he have to work the pole but he’s on his knees a lot too… Gonna let that sink in for a bit.

He works for AT&T.

Anyway, after MANY hours at the ER (with the amazing @marielouise2809 watching my boys with NO notice until FOUR AM!) where they had to give my husband an IV of antibiotics, drain his knee fluid with a HUGE needle, and just all sorts of stuff… we’ve all basically done nothing but sleep.

Per doctor’s orders he has to stay off his leg (for up to a week / week and a half!! Which means NO WORK!) and take antibiotics for just shy of two weeks and hopefully that will take care of the issue.

So there’s that. Let’s back up a bit to Thursday when my work laptop’s processor decided to DIE. Which really isn’t a common issue at all. Normally it’s your hard drive, memory, or motherboard in a general sense. Not specifically the processor. I did end up getting a replacement and I’ve been working as much as I can to get it set back up properly with the data of the old laptop (because of course I kept that hard drive). I’m about 90% done with that.

Let’s see what else… OH YES! My personal Facebook account was reported for apparently commenting on a birth photo. I don’t remember commenting but ok… and this means I’m unable to send friend requests, send FB messages, and it’s directly affected my Facebook page. No one sees it in their Facebook feed anymore. Which blows.

And now it’s raining.

So how was YOUR weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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Like I said I remember when my family was thousands of miles away and I was alone. It’s a horrible feeling when you don’t think there is anyone that can or will help… and your kids are easy! Danny is so polite and helpful and Tristan was happy and hyper. Really not a problem.

Reply to Amanda

Thank you so much again!

Oh my gosh, that’s a rough weekend! My laptop is on its last legs but I am in SO MUCH denial. I can’t imagine moving everything and starting over so I’m just pretending things are OK. The bit about your husband working the pole had me snorting out loud with laughter!

I do know it’s easier for ME to do because I KNOW HOW to do it, but it’s still time consuming and I haven’t had a lot of time lately because of DH’s injury/infection and with the boys taking the opportunity to be cray cray lol!


Facebook was being an absolute son-of-a-bitch this week. I got suspended for posting a link to a birth story, and John’s account completely VANISHED. Like, it literally just disappeared with no way to get it back. 5 days later, it reappeared. No idea why. It’s ridiculous how dependent we’ve become on facebook.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Ugh. I hate FB. I just can’t get into G+ to make it a replacement.

Amanda Jillian

Sounds like a fun weekend, I spent mine with my third case of strep throat.

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Ugh I feel for you. I feel like this summer has been nothing but problems!

Amanda Jillian

I”m with you on that one. My body isn’t working with the antibiotics anymore.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

My husband is now on two antibiotics and is having to be resting his leg for ANOTHER week.

I feel for you, any sort of throat pain is just excruciating!

Amanda Jillian

Yuck, I hate taking antibiotics and it’s just worse when they don’t work. Hope his leg heals quickly!

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