So I was taking my son to the store because I promised him a toy when I saw a lot of cop cars at the stop light, all of their lights flashing. I had the worst feeling and instead of turning right, I went forward and saw one of my work vans, front end completely smashed in, my bosses standing there with their personal truck, and another smaller car, with the back end completely smashed in.

So I turned around and came home and called my boss’s cell phone, apparently the van was stolen. I don’t know any other details, she said she was going to call me but that was an hour ago, I don’t really expect a call. I offered to work tomorrow but I can’t now since it’s too late to ask my father to watch Daniel for tomorrow.

I just… didn’t expect that to happen in my “work” world. I am still very shaken up and so grateful that (to my knowledge) it wasn’t one of our guys that were in the accident.

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posted on February 12th 2006 at 2:23AM CST

i hope everyone is ok. and i hope everything got figured out about the stolen van thing.

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