June 12th 2002 / 1 minute to read

Have I mentioned how much Crystal cracks me up??
Crystal Looks nice, but I’m allergic to the inevitable “I am 13 and a priestess of [insert goddess here]. she came to me in a dream and told me that I was to be her most favored blah blah blah…”
Sarah: ahahahhahahaa omg you are in true form tonight omg you are too funny
Crystal *bows* there’s also the “Merry meet, mine eyes hath not deceiveth me, for thou art new to these forums, therefore I shalt be thine guide and also shalt numb thy mind with mine flowery language. It taketh me half an hour’s time to wend my way through a sentence, but as a witche of yon goddess, it is my heartsworn duty and priveledge.”
Sarah: AAAHAHA HAHAHA omg i am SOOOOOOOOOO going to save that!!!!

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