June 7th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Dang sometimes it can be dreadful to be a woman! Like uhhh right now when I am cramping and bleeding like a stuck pig…. yeah no fun at all.

The wicked backache isn’t helping any either.

I will try to write a bit later.

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That is the absolute worst. It’s all about heating pads and rest. And aspirin – taking it when you feel the onset of it makes it a *lot* less severe and almost manageable.

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Hi! I loved your blog!
I’m brazilian.. found ya in Melancholic..


Reply to Gabriela

that sux big ones.

i usually get really bloated and like i have to fart all the time during my period…

lol…. i would rather take the pain

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Angel Whispers

*taking note*  Avoid being downwind from Elisa when she has her period. *giggle*

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iced glare

hostaurora.net has that “weird message” now!

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