I am just so freakin nervous right now! Some of ya know why. Ahhh!!! I hope I do well!

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posted on August 1st 2003 at 3:59PM CDT

Yes indeed… what is going on??

posted on August 1st 2003 at 4:08PM CDT

Sarah! Been a long time eh? Well I just wanted to say good luck with whatever is going on today:O)Did someone ever contact you about designing a site for her yesterday? She was looking for someone reliable to design her buisness website and I sent her your name and address, was wondering if she contacted you. Talk to ya later!

posted on August 1st 2003 at 5:47PM CDT

Good luck sweetie!!  My fingers are crossed for you!!  =o)

Angel Whispers
posted on August 1st 2003 at 6:15PM CDT

Hmmmm, hope whatever happened today at 4:00 went well.  :o)

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