Ain’t No Sunshine

December 4th 2006 / 1 minute to read

I am so cracked out it’s not even funny! I’ve been up since 4am (partly because I got an intense migraine) because I had to take my sister and her fiance to the airport by 5am (they are going to Florida). So after that I played video games at their apartment and got my venti Starbucks. So I am talking like a cracked out hummingbird.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and then I dyed it a much darker brown. So basically it looks like when my hair is wet (which is really dark) all the time! Ok reading that sentence… it doesn’t make sense to me… (ponders going out for more coffee).

Remember, you only have a couple more days left to get in on exchanging holiday cards with me!

With the windchill and everything it “feels like” -6 degrees right now!

I will probably add more to this entry later!

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Ugh, I have been getting headaches lately.  I wouldn’t call them migraines, but as someone who usually rides out her aches and pains – I’ve had to down pain meds just to keep these babies under control.  I’m ‘hoping’ they’re just stress headaches that are going to go away now that I’m not under loads of pressure.  We’ll see.  I hope your migraines cut back some.. just no fun at all.

It’s 52 degrees here.  Supposed to have a high of 62 on Wednesday.  The weather is really nice, but I wouldn’t mind having a little snow sometime this winter, and with temps like this, I just don’t think we’ll see any.

Reply to Ally

A minus six sounds SO lovely ;)  It’s been -40 here for a while.  Hope your sister & fiancee’s flight goes well and I hope you get some much needed sleep!!

Reply to Claudia

Sorry to hear that you’re unwell! I hope the starbucks made you feel better!

Reply to Sarah

Your card will be in the mail today! I couldn’t find the stamps. Oh well, as long as it gets there.

Hope you have some headache relief.

Reply to Liz

Beautiful autoportrait. Doesn’t look like you have headache. Hope it gets better.

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