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September 18th 2006 / 3 minutes to read

Well apparently my little mood swing is because I started my moon cycle, yeah good times.

I did very little this weekend. I ended up napping on Saturday so I didn’t really accomplish… well… anything that I had planned on. I have to do laundry today. I was actually going to get up an hour earlier this morning but I was still so very tired… still am really. I also need to clean the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Why yes my head is starting to hurt a bit already!

I’ve been downloading a ton of vodcasts lately, I will have to add them to my links page. I remember my very brief and non-noticable podcasting days. Anyway, speaking of links, does anyone want to link exchange?

Actually I am starting my Autumny reflection period in my life. I was reading my archives for the past what… five years at OSN and it’s just… crazy to me, how much I’ve gone through in a short period of time. I still feel like I’m 17 and making stupid decisions with my life instead of being a month away from turning 25 years old and in a dead end living situation. Speaking of, my sister’s fiance’s mother (say that three times fast!) told me to look at Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a place to live since she really wants my sister and fiance to move up there.

I have to figure out lunch. Do I really want Subway… again? It’s hard to find healthy fast food that isn’t a salad (as much as I love salad, I don’t like the bland plain salads offered) but I am getting tired of Subway. The problem is that the microwave still hasn’t been replaced so I can’t reheat leftovers and wraps, salad, etc from home aren’t helping much since I want warm foods. Ugh!

Ok well I am going to prance and find some food!


I had Subway heh.

So now that I feel better from eating lunch, I’ve been pondering my spirituality or lack thereof really. I’ve really slacked off in the past 2 years and that simply isn’t good! I really want a new tarot deck… don’t have the money though. I also need to start doing yoga again, which again, stopped doing about 2 years ago… actually I stopped a lot of stuff when I started working here… odd. Anyway even though I am much heavier, some yoga poses really helped my back (I was in a car accident at 16 and my back hurts occasionally from it) and relaxed me. I am also trying to wake up an hour earlier in the morning to be able to achieve that. The Autumn Equinox is coming up and I really want to try and do SOMETHING…. ANYTHING for it. Any suggestions for me and for Daniel?

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You’d really love Ann Arbor. It’s a really fun little college-type town. It’s close to Detroit and Toledo, Ohio as well—close to the lake, not a bad drive to Chicago. I used to live in the area and when our child is of schooling-age and we move from Indiana, I’ll be looking back in that part of the country.

What sort of tarot deck do you read with? If you really want a tarot deck and wouldn’t mind a used one, I could send one of my collection. I have a lot and I only read with two or three of them. I give them away frequently, actually. They just sort of come to me, and then I send them off in the world.

Happy Cornucopia! I’m baking a few different types of bread for Michaelmas and making either fondu or soup. Aaron is pulling for fondu :) You could make some green man crafts. That would be fun for kids!

Uh. Sorry this is long.

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