All Over Again

September 25th 2006 / 3 minutes to read

I am currently eating an large nummy honey crisp apple. How I love thee.

So Saturday just… sucked. It rained a few feet of water and hail on Friday night, rained more buckets on Saturday… so yesterday was like a belated Mabon. We went to the farmers market, did tons of laundry, took a long walk (for him, bike ride), and made homemade pizza (bbq chicken pizza for me!). I also blew up like 18 balloons for him so everywhere I went this morning, there was a balloon… sitting… watching… it’s sort of creepy.

Not sure if anyone noticed the change (points to upper left area) about my weight loss, as of yesterday I am a full 20lbs gone! I’m pretty sure we are going to the rec plex tonight. Good times.

I need suggestions for good children’s yoga dvd’s. I’ve been slowly doing yoga again and Daniel loves it. He claims my yoga mat as his. So I figure why not encourage this new found love of yoganess for him.

I am so cold, I just don’t have the money until next month maybe, to buy a jacket.

Heather, being so helpful to my “What should I blog?” question, told me and oh yes, I will quote, “BAM! You’re a robot. Now blog”. So ummm what would robots talk about? Oh ok. I got oiled today, the scent of rich oil on my metallic body… once it was done the mechanic thumped my back so hard that I heard the twang of hand on metal echo in the large garage. Why they outlawed actual robot doctor office’s I will never know… so until people get over their fear of our metal goodness, we have to hide… in garage’s.

Yeah… I need coffee.

Wow I am freezing.

I have a few huge emails I need to write tonight if at all possible.

Oh and for the hell of it, I would love it if you, yes YOU (I’m dramatic!), commented even if it’s just to say hi and even if you’re a new visitor!

More Goodness

Oh HELL YES I already ordered the sample pack, if I like them I might save and splurge on the 100pk. What a fabulous idea!

Even More Goodness

So tonight at the rec plex, I walked over a mile on the track without stopping, walked a bit more on the treadmill, and then did all the strength/weight machines and such.

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I’ve never heard of a honey crisp apple…but it sounds amazing and now I want one.  Because honey…and apples…and crisp…are just all good things.  And congrats on losing 20lbs!  Way to go!  What’s your final goal for losing?  I tried yoga once and found myself completely incompetent, I’m better at active/fast things, so I’m quite jealous of those with yoga skills.  And those little cards are so cute!  I don’t have a business or any valid reason to get them at all, but now I really want some.

Reply to Aenka
Philip and Chette

Philip: Its good that yoga did make your body loose weight.

Chette: Me? I only used DDR (Crazy huh) but yeah just DDR hehe

Reply to Philip and Chette

Congrats on 20 lbs!  I just started back on my diet today.  It always works, but I’m just so lazy to do it.  (South Beach).

Love the look of your site.  It’s so nice to see the Fall colours on this rainy day.  Blessed Mabon blessings.

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