All Over Again

January 16th 2008 / 1 minute to read

What to say? My son turned 6 years old on the 9th and his father (and I use that term ever so loosely) ignored him again. Makes me thankful that my son picks up not only my looks, but my intelligence as well (although this might not be a good thing lol as he has memorized my WoW password!).

Anyway, a couple photos.


Dried Leaves

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Oh thats so poor, it allways gets me upset. Can

Reply to Joy

Well if he doesn’t care to see his son on his B-Day he wouldn’t care if you 2 moved back to Tucson.

Reply to Sterling

Sheesh, this guy sounds like a right charmer. I remember all the trouble you’ve had with him, his behaviour is disgraceful.

Wow, six years have gone quick. Seems like only yesterday when your son was born! Wow…

Reply to Sarah

Seems like you sure love to bring up Drama, not two posts in a row can go by that you’re not bringing up yo’ baby’s daddy. Sucks that he’s chosen not to be part of D’s life but that’s his poor chose. I fail to see how linking his myspace to your site so that he can be harassed is an effective method to making him want to be in contact with you at all.

Reply to David

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