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So I am back on the weight loss path in my life, I’ve lost a few pounds and after work my sister and I plan on going to the local rec plex to tour the facilities, perhaps get a membership. I am really unhappy that I gained SO much weight while I was with my ex. When we first met I was a bit thick but carried it well and had decently high self esteem, when we first split up in 2003, I lost 70lbs in 5 months. I kept that weight off for a year, then he moved back in with me and I regained it plus some within 4 months. I don’t even know how I consumed so many calories so fast really. I realised that I was eating to comfort myself, because the relationship was so abusive and I didn’t know how to make it stop so I interalized it with cheesecakes, full calorie pop, pizza, etc.

I am doing weightwatchers which is easy for me, it’s just physical excersize that I have issues with. It’s really hard to do much with a four year old stopping you every five seconds to inform you of the latest power ranger information (plus I have MAYBE a 3ft x 3ft space in my room to TRY and move, doesn’t work). I would take him on his bike to the forest preserve but the trails are thin and I constantly have to move us both out of the way from runners, bikes, rollerbladers, etc, so I get irritated fast.

Is anyone else actively trying to lose weight? I would love to buddy up.

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