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Now… normally I don’t post about AI but holy crap, why didn’t blonde boy go home? HE SUCKS!! Nadia is sent home and yet she is one of the better singers!!! Who else wanted to sob hysterically that Ryan Seacrest gave Nadia his tie to wipe her tears away?

*sobs hysterically*

posted on April 14th 2005 at 7:39AM CDT

Who’s blonde boy, Anthony?

Scott really deserved to go home last night.  I really don’t understand why people keep voting for him.

posted on April 14th 2005 at 2:54PM CDT

i agree! i highly dislike that Anthony. i really didn’t think Nadia should have been standing there. Bo neither (even though i don’t really care for him) I like Scott cuz he comes from my hometown (he’s from Geneva, Ohio hehe) and i LOOOVE Carrie and Constantine.

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