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I had a fun convo with Jeanie this morning, yeah. I am still giggly.

Sprites Whispers: the past month he refuses to have ANY blanket on him when he is sleeping, kicks the hell out of me, reminds me of his time in the womb
WakeMeUpToDie: owchies
Sprites Whispers: oh yes he is PURE toddler now, comes up and scratches the hell out of my arm, and saying no, ouch, stop, etc doesn’t get him to stop because i “trained” him to laugh when i did that stuff
Sprites Whispers: so it just spurs him on, its horrid
Sprites Whispers: so what i do now, when he scratches me, is throw my rainbow brite against the wall
WakeMeUpToDie: ::tries not to laugh:: Sorry love, I’m sure it must be difficult :-)
Sprites Whispers: and he gets all …. like “DEAR SWEET GODS RAINBOW BRITE NOOOO”
Sprites Whispers: and chases after her to bring her back, repeat like 20 times
WakeMeUpToDie: :: collapses giggling hysterically ::
Sprites Whispers: laugh at my pain ahahahhaha
Sprites Whispers: sometimes i will toss her in the air, which gets him to laugh, but sometimes i throw too high, she hits the ceiling… you would think i tried to kill him
WakeMeUpToDie: LOL oh my god thats great
Sprites Whispers: my poor son, im warping him, he will grow up with a unreasonable fear of rainbows
WakeMeUpToDie: haha well at least you won’t have to worry about him being gay
Sprites Whispers: hahahahahahaha my sister said its always one in three, and my friend mary says its always the 3rd boy, but then again, if he fears rainbows, he would fear my sister who has rainbow brite shirts, bags, pins, necklace
Sprites Whispers: plus her rainbow stripe on the car, and her rainbowy sheets
WakeMeUpToDie: lol
Sprites Whispers: i would abuse his carebear, but she almost owns stock in carebear
WakeMeUpToDie: jesus thats frightening
WakeMeUpToDie: carebear gave me nightmares
Sprites Whispers: hahahaha i LOVED my carebear cousin, swift rabbit

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posted on May 27th 2003 at 4:49PM CDT

Gee, thanks. Make me sound like an absolute fucking moron. :-D

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posted on May 27th 2003 at 9:15PM CDT

brother! i didn’t say every 3rd boy! lmao. i said i’d heard that if there was a family of many boys the youngest boy tended to be the one who to be gay out of all of the boys. it was something like that that i’d heard. i don’t know if it’s true at all though. it was just something i heard once.