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Jams I’m squealing. These photos are beyond beautiful. I want my own apple orchard now. lol

Thank you! LOL can you imagine how awesome it would be? I’d love to have fruit trees!


I love these, so pretty. But I must say, I now think of Twilight when I see apple in the hand shot.

Reply to Amy

AHAHHHA love it!


I love these. So gorgeous!! The last two are awesome. I wish we had an apple orchard close. Thanks for linking up.

Reply to Sarah

Thank you! We have a lot of options as long as you’re willing to drive 1-2 hours in any direction lol.

Nina Amelia

I love autumn and apples! :) Your design looks great

Reply to Nina Amelia

Aww thank you so much!

Beth F

This definitely says fall! I love apple season.

Reply to Beth F

Thank you!


These apples look amazing!

Reply to emily

Thanks Emily!


What beautiful pictures! Looking at them totally made me crave apples and apple pie. I think I will have to make a trip to the grocery store now. YUM!

Reply to Nadia

Thank you! I really need to bake a pie… I might attempt to do that tonight or tomorrow!

Thank you!!


Yum! And finally, the colours of autumn. Love it. You really have the knack for amazing photography.
(How ironic is it that you should post something on apples the day after Steve Jobs died. Even unintended, I can’t help but thinking that it would’ve been a very cute tribute.)

Reply to Marie-Anne

Aww thank you.

I find it just devastating about Jobs, he was just much too young.

Ah I love the apples, funny how amazing apples can look and a lot of people only see them as food! I was just telling someone I want to have an apple farm some day! Lovin’ the blog!

Thank you so much!

Great pictures! I love the first one. Now I want an apple. :P


I say the same thing everytime I am here. You are so talented! These are perfect fall images.

Reply to Veronica

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