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As I run towards the light

I think I am getting sick. Not a surprise since most of the people at work and my sister are sick. I just hope I am imaginging things!

I am going to make lasanga for dinner. I make darn nummy lasanga.

Daniel came in here with his jacket and hat and I said hey chubs where are you going? He said “walk!” So apparently I have to brave the 23F degrees because my child is a snow and cold person.

I bit my tongue somehow in my sleep and then this morning I sneezed and bit it again.

My LiveJournal expires in like 2 days *sobs hysterically*

Gosh I really don’t want to go outside but the wee one is being all cute but it’s so cold…

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Link CSS Changes

In post content only, I now have external links with a little arrow and made affiliate links orange plus the arrow.

I feel like that will, hopefully, make things clearer visually if a link is affiliate, external, or internal.

Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

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