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March 8th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

I semi have a chance to write, so here we go.
Not too much has gone on. My mother has promised to send us a video camera, MY video camera mind you, anyways, so that should be here next month. Can’t wait to make movies of the chublet! Speaking of chub chub, WHY oh why does he feel when he needs to poop that he should do it all over me? So far he has done it twice, honestly, it is not a pleasant feeling to realize what just happened, although he finds it VERY amusing.
It’s weird, I will compose these huge entries in my head, usually when I am in that fuzzy just about to totally sleep state, and then when I have a chance to write, I forget everything.
In maybe a few days/weeks, I will be doing a new layout for the main part of OSN, also, I will be returning the font section *only if enough people ask me for it* with a ton of nice new fonts. Just a note, check out all of my wonderful hostees, Ali, Amber, and Jessica, who are all so wonderful!
Hmm, what else…we got Daniel this very cute sweatshirt jacket from Old Navy, it actually matches my sweartshirt jacket, I will try to post a picture of it soon.
Matt and I continue to discuss moving, and we have decided on Columbus, Ohio. Although he, which I very much agree on, does not want any contact with certain people who live there. They honestly just use him not to mention how completely different our parenting styles are. Yep that is a issue with us, anyways, it will be odd living back there, although, I sometimes do miss it, especially how there was always fresh veggies and fruit.
Mmmm Fruit, which by the way, Jessica claims will be Daniel’s first word. Matt and I think it will be fluffy.
I am thinking of ordering some books online, does anyone have any trusted recommendations for an online bookstore that is affordable?
Also, speaking of online ordering, I found OFoto which lets you get Kodak prints of your digital pictures! Which is great for us, since the majority of the pictures of Daniel are taken using our digital camera.
I think that is all on my mind at the moment, also the fact “What’s for Dinner?” which is a constant plauge on my days. Anyone have any recipes to share? Well I shall try to blog more later!

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