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Sarah is off on her vacation, I hope enjoying it very much.  She said her Mom had a computer in great need of fixing. Sarah, if you are spending your time fixing Mom’s computer STOP NOW and go enjoy Grandma and Daniels bonding experience as well as the Autumn air.

Darlings, I’m headed out on my own Autumn air adventure in just a short bit here. I hope to galavant through the forest rustling up some of that colorful blanket that lay upon the ground right now.

I’ve got camera in hand and disc’s a plenty so I will probably come home with lots of pictures of trees and a few of the Twist and Papapump and Girlfriend on their first camping trip. Well it isn’t Papapumps first but it’s the first one where he is responsible for his own experience. I’ve guided them and will continue to do so but this trip is theirs to learn.  Oh Joy! lmao

It’s a gorgeous weekend here and if I go according to the news many other places as well. So let’s all get out and commune with the Goddess this weekend, she really is beautiful!

Off until Monday! Blessings

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posted on October 18th 2003 at 4:26PM CDT

that sounds really nice. it’s nice here too. i had the balcony door open here today for a few hours but, it’s windy. and the wind blew the moldly leaves all around outside and carried all of those allergens into my apartment. so, my allergies started acting up. i used my flonase. but, i had to close my balcony door again. but, it’s beautiful outside so, enjoy it! and pick up a few leaves for me.