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Just got off the phone with Matt, who I also just talked to online lol. He was talking about… well… lol perhaps I will save it for a restricted entry ehhehe.

Ugh my lip is sort of swollen, chubs threw my battery operated toothbrush and it smacked my mouth last night and now it feels all tingly yet numb and puffy but you can’t SEE a difference!

The muffins came out quite nummy so I will bring one to work for my break.

Keli and I both agree that chubs looks like his father, especially those eyes! I was just looking at the pictures and videos again heh.

When I get paid I need to buy some bottled water, I have gallon water but that is for the wee chublet. Plus it is so much easier and more affordable to bring to work instead of buying it out of the machines. Seriously. $1.25 for a bottle of water? Ugh drives me nuts!

lol Daniel is getting so excited to get into the car, he got his jacket on, is trying to hunt down his mittens and hat… he freaked out until I put his shoes and socks on… at least he is focusing on that instead of the 80 million baths lol.

I updated all fanlistings… still have one on upcoming I would like to get up soon.

I am just so rambly today!

posted on November 25th 2003 at 3:47PM CST

this is a wicked layout, i just love the colors, they go so well together :D great job!!!

posted on November 25th 2003 at 5:42PM CST

1.25 for a bottle of water? Nah uh…never! I just got a free water bottle today. I feel so lucky. =P

posted on November 26th 2003 at 2:18AM CST

Ouch! That sounds painful.. getting a battery operated toothbrush thrown on your mouth!
Wowzers.. $1.25 for a bottle of water? what a rip off lol..

posted on November 26th 2003 at 8:01AM CST

Bottled water is such a pain in the butt.  It’s $1.50 at our school and even though they’re trying to promote health, pop is still just $1.

posted on November 26th 2003 at 2:03PM CST

oo..i had that with my lips once, i was about ten and fell of a skate board, face first.it wasnt pretty!! Tc hun (sorry i didnt understand most of your blog as im new to your site and don’t know any of the people you’ve mentioned,lol)

posted on November 26th 2003 at 2:50PM CST

haha that sucks that you got hit with a toothbrush! lol cool site, excellent layout, very original