August 26th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

First off, more fanlistings!!

Lapis Lazuli
Tigers Eye
Greek Mythology

I work tomorrow, I was on call originally but someone quit so I am taking over a shift. I then have Wednesday and Thursday off, I work Friday, Saturday… and whenever Labor Day is for that like 10 hour shift lol.

The lovely Crys and I have created a perky new project called Witches Weekly, copy the questions into your blog/journal, answer them, and post your answers or your link in the comments for everyone else to see your answers!! It is a weekly set of pagan themed questions you can answer!!

1. What animal do you feel best represents your personal totem/spirit, and why?
I still haven’t found my totem animal

2. Who was your first familiar?
I have not had one yet.

3. If you could reincarnate into a creature, what creature would you be?
Ohh see this is a hard one because they are so many beautiful animals out there! Perhaps a white tiger, an eagle, a dolphin… a lady bug!!!

My lovely hostlet Megan has a new awesome layout!

Belated birthdays to Jeanie and Will!!

Hmm as I ponder if there is anything else I wanted to write about… hmm… no that is pretty much it for now!

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Thank you dearest! ::hugs::

Reply to Jeanie

Teehee – awwws I have to thank-you too ^___^

And even though I am not a pagan, the project you created is neat and looks fun ^_^  I can’t decide on one answer for each of the questions, though!!  heehee!

take care :)

Reply to Megan

Heh! I scrolled back to read the entries I had missed, and I found the one where snowchylde calls youre blog sexy. I think he just has the hots for you, lady, heh. Hes not so bad looking *nudge nudge, wink wink* Nao, Im kidding hehe.

Man you are going to work a very long day on Labor Day! What day is that? Im so lost on my days off, I dont know what day it is hehe. I hope it goes by fast for you anyway!

Reply to Veeshan

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