January 14th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

Today we go again to check his bili levels for jaundice. I HOPE they have gone down!! breastfeeding is still wonderful, the first couple minutes it is painful for that inital latch on but after that its smooth sailing all the way. I WANT a BOPPY!!! I THINK my milk has come in but I can’t tell!!! I am leaking like crazy but I never “see” myself leaking, I just see the moistness all over, although I do sometimes see some milky looking stuff flowing out sooooo did it come in? I always thought it was supposed to be dramatic and painful!

My Spinal site is all itchy cause its scabbing over, and I can’t scratch it and I want to sooooooo darn bad.

I wonder how to go about getting a nursing bra when I do not want to go out in public and I do not want to bring the baby out more than we actually HAVE to. Also we noticed we should have bought way more newborn sized clothing heh, we have like 2 outfits in newborn and 3-6 stuff is just WAY too big.

Tonight is Matt’s first night back at work and my first night alone with the baby. I am terrified because I still need so much help getting out of the bed, especially if I had been laying down for a while. Matt plans to go to one of those rent to own places and get a recliner so I can sleep in that which I hope we can get today. He did buy me a glider yesterday and put it together while Daniel and I slept and I LOVE IT!!! I didn’t think I would but I do!! It is SO wonderful and soothing to me and Daniel.

Well I think that is it for now, I am SOOO happy about all the wonderful comments I have recieved and I plan on emailing or perhaps making a page with some photos of Daniel on it and sharing that URL to certain people. Perhaps the page would be more simple?

Matt is going real quickly to the post office to pick up the box of baby stuff my mom had sent last week, it had come Friday but obviously we couldn’t get it so it is there waiting for us to pick it up. Plus that will warm up the car and then we will go get Daniel’s bili levels checked.

I know I am babbling, its just wow. I honestly did not think I would have this maternal thing kick in so fast or kick in at all. I mean I CRIED when he was born, I CRY when he is upset, I seriously got all hysterical yesterday when he had his bili level checked. So today Matt and I agreed I shouldn’t come into the room this time around heh. I can’t believe he is almost a week old. We can not imagine our life without him. Matt is such a wonderful father and fiance. He helps me out SO much. He even plans on coming home during his 30 min break to check up on us! Well NAK so babble on later!!

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