February 27th 2005 / 2 minutes to read

Ok so we (my sister, her boyfriend, my son, and myself) went to Pesche’s where I took some pictures of the flowers.  After that we went to UnSeen Insight where I bought an Air Fairy wee figurine under the impression it was like $6… I was very wrong on the price. Very wrong. Then we pranced to the mall, where I did a lot of walking very fast and went up a whole bunch of stairs. My thighs felt it. Which is a good thing.  Then Meijer where I purchased salad, diapers, uhh that really was it. Then for dinner, Chipotle which is so nummy! I bought some of their soft tacos to bring for my work lunch tomorrow.

So yeah… updated Visionary for the next three days lol.

I need a new layout for my LiveJournal, heh I actually think I need more paid time on it too since it’s about to expire. *sobs hysterically*

My son freaks me out, he was jumping on the bed, which resulted in him jumping off the bed, flipping over, and landing on his head, and all it did was upset him just a wee bit. No cuts, no bruises, nothing. Just one slightly cracked out mother who had a heart attack and can’t breathe now. Yay for toddlerhood!

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Ay, I hate when you think something is one price and it turns out to be a totally different one. Especially when the actual price is a much larger number. *sigh*

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Kinda scary how toddlers bounce, isn’t it?

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