April 25th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

I am so overly emotional lately. Some of it is valid, but times like now… listening to a UK boy band and just wanting to break down and sob. Geez.

Maybe I will bake some chocolate chip cookies for my sister to bring to work. Sure… that sounds like a fun 6am activity!

I posted a picture at Voice of the moon from the other night.

Oh great… Boyz 2 Men… On Bended Knee. I am going to just SOB.

Have to love female hormones!

I need to get myself out of this depression… Barb was right… maybe it has to do with the sudden changes in my life the past month or so.

Still, doesn’t quite help me get OUT of the depression lol but it’s nice realising why I feel this way.

Ebay stuff is helping a bit though lol, I have a dream kit I need to get rid of. Not to mention the massive amounts of magazines, I’m not kidding, there has got to be 100 or more magazines in my book case, under the tv set… heh… me? A packrat? Never!

I also did a ton of work on PaganOSN, basically worksheets. Intriging yes? :) I have issues.

Now it’s getting close to 7am and I will feel bad if I do not make those cookies but I am listening to the Dana Carvey HBO special (mp3 version)…


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Ok, I made the cookies, pictures are up at Imagination heh.

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Nothing better than soft warm chocolate chip cookies to combat hormonal moments! Eat one!

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Man, I have soo many magazines too. I liek to keep them around for cutting and makign things though. I found your site through your profile on seduced. =D

Reply to tabii

mmm HAND OVER THE COOKIE JAR NOW. everyone loves cookies, they rock…alot.Congratulations on your achievement, i don’t think i would find it possible..baking cookies at 7am.

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