December 30th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Matt was being all amusing to me today, he blogged like three times!

Check out the new forums for Pagan@OSN! You can visit them and join and use and love lol

So what is on your weekly grocery list?

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Ooh, I love the gold and browns of the layout. Very pretty!

Reply to Kristin

i’ve been tempted to blog 3 times in a day before, but never bothered :D the pagan blog is cool, but i’m not pagan or anything. i have a friend who thinks she’s a witch, though..

Reply to Vanora

Forums, that’s awesome!  I’ll be sure to join!  I really like the layout of the forums, very nice! :)

Reply to Phoenix

Thank goodness I don’t have a weekly grocery list. However, I do have to go weekly for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as milk and on occasion bread which only happens if I don’t feel like making it.

Reply to Barb

i try to comment i do what i can n all its a gift haha what can i say anyways um sitting here miss you i love you and i cant wait to see you in 9 days haha count down has begun hehe Daniel will be happy i will give lots of Baths i know he will love that crazy bebe well sweetie i will call you tomorrow see how you are doing i miss you i love you bye byes

Reply to Matt

Lmao. It’s hard enough for me to blog once a day.

Grocery list.. hrmm.. definitly popcorn. I swear, I need popcorn so much. x_x;; haha.

Reply to Jo

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