December 4th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I would like to welcome a new person to OSN!

I need to go to the store in a bit, if I am able to at least.

I made rice, chicken, broccoli, and cheese like… bake thingy… so far it tastes good lol.

I just feel yucky right now…. I need to buy some tea and cough drops.

I would love it if everyone could send an e-card, comment on her site and wish Mary a very happy birthday!!

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Haha, Matt’s on OSN!  Funny…
Nobody seems to be doing too well health-wise these days! 
Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Reply to Melissa

Well, I went to “fluffy” blog and wanted to comment but, nope, can’t do it. Someone closed the comments.  Alas I have to do it here!  So Hey Matt.  At first I thought why fluffy but then I realized what the blog content would be haha.  Lots of sarah & Matt fluff :o)!

Love the blues and the simple sky thingy going on over there too Sarah.  Undoutedly yours no?

Reply to Barb

I’ve been feeling yucky myself.  Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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