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tee-hee Claire and I, have been talkin about having a real LJS community! Not a fan site mind you but a community like hmm a hub center? If that makes sense! I think if we do it and everything that it would be awesome! I feel a bit better I swear cramps suck! I am listening to tupac, until the end of time, right now my emotions are ranging from depression to extreme friskyness, part due to my raging hormones of the moment and part because I keep reflecting on everything thats happened since I was 17 years old. I don’t think I’ve ever been really stable in a living situation, I’ve been waiting for that one day when someone will come to me and tell me that they wish they had what I have, but that is long in coming. I have such a difficult time relating to people my own agge because for the most part, they have no clue what I am talking about, whether its about computers, life in general, or my own meandering thoughts. Earlier Crys was asking if I would put anything on SpunkySprite.com about our religion Paganism, and I’m like but WHAT, I mean most everything has been “done” before so what could we have that would be unique? Listening to Joe, Stutter remix with Mystikal, in palace land earlier, I had JUST gotten online and ronnie and mor IMed actually my sister did too, saying “sprite there’s fighting” so I came into the room and bam 5 min later everything was calmed and people cleared out and It wasn’t even fighting about ME *for once* from what I gathered, someone is “cloning” boom and that someone put a lot of nasty ads *a la die sprite* about ver in Veriria’s Palace and natrually they assume its an Elven. I mean gods forbid someone else is being evil. Although I think its just one or maybe 2 people doing all of this crap because its just all a bit too…..neatly done. I have a suspicion on who it COULD be, but I won’t say anything as I am not involing myself in THOSE problems. Listening to B.O.N, boys, I am still pretty excited because in Snap.com when you use the search term lj smith LJS The Mystery comes up number #1 and is the top site, and in Mamma.com with that search term we are number #3! I know we are in Google.com but not sure with what search terms but if u type in LJS The Mystery or SpunkySprite we come up! Its very exciting! Hmm I don’t think anyone is online yet I am awake and frisky and needing something to DO! I guess I will just browse around!

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