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So yesterday was a long, but fun, day!

My sister bought me some herbs and vegetable plants! Bell peppers, tomato, basil, lavender, and oregano!



We then went to the Janet Evanovich book signing with Mary,  which was so much fun and awesome!

Then we went back to Mary’s place, ate some nachos n stuff, and watched tv. We then pranced all over to walgreens to print out some of the photos I took of the book signing. I then fixed Mary’s computer ahhaha. We didn’t get home until like 2am!

So today Matt and I took chubs to the sand area and I made a little sand goddess.


The apartment complex people did ALL of the windows in the apartment, except for MY ROOM. Go figure.

Also, I got in the mail from the awesome MJ, these earrings!!


And apparently my dad broke my chalice (goblet) so yet another thing gone from my altar.

My sister bought me glitter glues, stencils, brushes, paint, etc, so I could decorate a new glass but I don’t have a glass right now TO decorate.

I’m hoping that within the next three months I can afford to start knitting, more and more I really want to learn to knit heh.

So yeah I am still tired from yesterday lol. So I am still making no sense.

posted on June 30th 2004 at 2:19PM CDT

You take such gorgeous pictures; it makes me wish I had a good digital camera. One day, one day.

And the earrings are gorgeous! I love them even more because they’re of the moon – that’s one of Djehuty’s representations. They made me smile.

posted on June 30th 2004 at 1:08PM CDT

thank you for fixing my computer! it’s running much better!

posted on June 30th 2004 at 3:57PM CDT

I love those earrings, how nice of MJ!
I know we have a bunch old knitting stuff around here somewhere that nobody uses.  If I ever find it, I will definitely send it to you.

posted on June 30th 2004 at 10:44PM CDT

I got a really nice chalice at a dollar store, it was only… well… a dollar. *doh*

Love the earrings.

I just started knitting a few weeks ago. Without really realizing it, I plunked down $40 for 3 balls of yarn, a book, and 2 pairs of needles. So yeah, it can be pricey. But if you think, a $5 ball of yarn can make a whole scarf that you could probably sell for $15…

posted on July 1st 2004 at 1:58PM CDT

Sounds like an awesome day! That’s really uncool of your dad though, bah. Haha. I hate when people get all into your stuff, period. Sounds like some cool stuff. Toodles!

posted on July 1st 2004 at 10:05PM CDT

Ahhh I *LOVE* those earings! Very cool present!

posted on July 1st 2004 at 10:34PM CDT

Sounds like a very nice day, one you’ve needed for a long time now :)!  Great stuff you got there!

posted on July 4th 2004 at 10:15AM CDT

Oh I love Janet Evanovich! 

I was moving some old archives and had something in there related to you last year.  It’s great to see how things have changed for the better for you one year later. :)