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I have been attempting a new yet similar layout for the blog, I have sent countless shots to my panel of Amber, Ali, Jessica, and Morgan. It’s sickening heh.

Daniel is all cute n cuddly n sleeping on Matt. I can not believe he is almost 3 months old!

I got the nifty perl module installed so I can make nifty MT thumbnails using MT 2.0. Everyone MUST download and use and love MovableType!

Matt says I am indeed loosing weight, I am happy because I can not stand carrying all this baby weight around, but hey breastfeeding ALSO gives the benifit of using like 500 calories a day just doing something as simple as feeding my son! Woohoo! Also it seems my breasts are NOT noticing the difference, yes, you CAN become a size F in a matter of a few hours after having a child. Suprise surprise huh.

Ugh, as I type this, I hear MORE slamming of doors, kicking of walls, and yelling all over this damn-ed evil apartment building, Matt is going to call the landlord yet AGAIN about this. HELLO, if in OUR lease there is about a million “quiet” rules shouldn’t EVERYONE follow them besides us? We have gotten quite a few comments from people in the building that they thought our apartment was empty because it is so quiet. Just because we are in our twenties does not mean we need to be rowdy. (I just know Ali is cracking up as she reads this because I said “rowdy”)

Well, I suppose one of these days I will do another main layout for OSN, but I still really like the current one, and I want more content somehow, before I work on a new layout, any content suggestions? Well I suppose that is it for now, remeber to stop by the forums, and join the wonderful community if you have not already!