Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

June 19th 2007 / 3 minutes to read

Just to get it out of the way… for some very strange reason, Chrissy and Jenn have commented on some recent entries of mine. Why is this so odd? Well after this incident I cut all ties to them and yet they still are coming around being fake and well… irritating the hell out of me, and no one likes a cranky Sarah! I suppose it bothers me because, especially with Chrissy’s comment, specifically on this entry, she had NO fucking clue what the hell she was talking about. Anyone that knows me knows I am not all that much of a negative person, I am perky for the most part… sure I have my moments. Being a single poor mother who has a stressful living situation that is going through a very large transition of switching work forces is going to have some reflective moments. I suppose my endless talk of good things, glitter, shiny, photography, my son, my friends, my life is really a metaphor for my crushing depression? Uh. Ok.

Oh to you know, to share a bit of my apparent crushing depression that leaves me shaking and sobbing in a corner while blogging about glitter, my son’s “father” and I use that term only in the biological sense, called to speak to his 5 year old on Father’s Day, stayed on the phone a brief 2 minutes to hear his son say in the most joyful of voices “Hi Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!” to hang up when his son asked, “What’s your favorite color?”. Yeah. Hung up on his 5 yr old son and turned off his cell phone (only means of contact). Wow. Classy. People wonder why I don’t post the photos of him in a pink nightie with bits showing when crap like this happens… partly because I want to keep the nudity on the site to a minimum. ;)

Anyway onto other things, it’s so strange, this being my last week at my current job. The sheer volume of calls/applications/faxes regarding my position shocked me. They have no clue what they are in for! It will be odd too because I will still be driving by every day on my way to the new job… it will take me a bit to get used to. Although it’s interesting meeting all these people, some are very outgoing which is fantastic other’s don’t fully fill out the application, argue with me over directions on how to get here, argue with me over questions on the application, or don’t speak at all with no direct eye contact! I shouldn’t concern myself so much about the new person, whomever they may me, I just get all possessive!

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Just because we had past issues doesn’t mean I don’t think about how you’re doing or care about how you’re doing. My comment to your earlier entry was by no means a fake one, but I apologize if I upset or irritated you.

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ohhhh myyyy… Chris is a little hottie there :o *turns laptop to avoid the sleeping boyfriend from seeing – haha*

I don’t really know what to say about the whole Jenn and Chrissy thing. I suppose the best thing to do would to just ignore their comments if they get to you? :( I’m sure they don’t mean anything rude by commenting, and are more than likely over the issues they had with you, but I can still understand how it may frustrate you – I have a few people in my past who have done similar things, and it’s confusing.

Hmm. Back to drooling at that picture.. :D

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Sometimes when people try to read between the lines they lose focus, get the wrong idea, misinterpret and don’t understand. I personally don’t like reading between the lines. One of my sisters does that with me and we have more arguments because, I don’t respond to her subtle messages and hints. I guess it could be the Sagittarius in me but, I prefer a more direct and with as much tact as possible honest approach. Anyway. The hotness that is Chris. Woman. What can I say? Other then he’s worked there how long and this is the first time we’re seeing him? Well, you’re sharing pics now so, I’ll forgive you. But, damn woman he’s hot.

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I love your photo updates, I really look forward to them. You have a wonderful eye for saturation and detail.

I don’t know anything about the drama so I’ll keep my mouth shut on that matter. But I have to say that I did laugh out loud whilst reading this part “Oh to you know, to share a bit of my apparent crushing depression that leaves me shaking and sobbing in a corner while blogging about glitter…” I love you! hahaha.

I wish you the best of luck on the transition to the new job, and I hope you adjust quickly, darlin.

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@Ali lol I can not help my perfect model child! ahahaha I think Chris is starting to have a fan club!

@Jenn Your comment was pretty much a general comment although I did find it very odd for you to comment at all considering our recent history. I wouldn’t feel comfortable commenting on your sites, re-joining lavish, and acting like nothing happened. I would rather everyone just be upfront with me.

@Maevyn Firstly, added the Edit Comments plugin lol! Sadly, Chrissy chose to email me an extremely abusive and aggressive email tonight, I responded but I am still shaken up that someone I wasn’t all that close to, would attack me in such a way.

I have no clue why they built a park so close to power lines either, I need to show more photos of the non safety hazard parks we go to lol.

@Mari I KNOW!!! I still can’t get over being at the farmer’s market and having this woman ask if he was going into SECOND GRADE! I’m all “Um, he’s 5…” lol.

@Crys Dude it’s cause you’re mad awesome!

@Sarah hehehe I know right? As for the “drama” sadly Chrissy made the choice to email me twice tonight in a very aggressive and abusive manner, I had emailed her back and that apparently fueled her “fire” so to speak. You can’t win when it comes to toxic people.

@Kat EXACTLY!! I don’t have secret messages in my entries, what I say is well, the honest freakin’ truth. lol I know you’re the reason for the 1st photo of Chris ehehhe

@Brent Aww thank you SO much!! The drama… sucks… normally I am “MoS” milk on spicy lol but apparently my dairy self has run out tonight! Oh seriously. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE glitter. In an unhealthy way! I am going to be working for the Geek Squad so hopefully I’m uhhh just geeky enough for them lol.

You have a handsome son Sarah :) I remember when he was a wee one, now he is all big and looking just like his momma! Anyway I wish all the best to you with your new job and all, you take care now, ok?

Mom To Busy Lizzy


Crys, your comment made me spit water.  Teh funny!!

Sarah, I am always in awe of your photography.  Everything you post is stunning and has so much..  FEELING?  I don’t know how to explain it, maybe it’s just the photo manipulation, but they tell stories.  You are quite talented.  Of course, the cuteness of the subject matter helps, I’m sure.  ;)

I’m not surprised by the email.  Just going by what I’ve seen on her site and lavish, she seems to live in a constant state of “better than you and more than to show it” and I’m not surprised that she’d hide it in an email away from the masses…

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Your kid’s dad sounds like a wang. If I could, I would hit him, real hard. Or in the words of my friends little brother “Burn his balls”. But from what you’ve said, he doesn’t have any. Aww. Too bad. Haha.


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ha ha (@ Anna)  Much love!

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I think you made the right choice, cutting out the negativity in your life. It’s unhealthy. I don’t know what happened, but I do know that you are a wonderful, sweet, funny, witty mama. No matter what happens, you always show your grace and maturity, and face things with a sense of humour.


You know what you have to do?  When people start annoying you, just stick your butt in their face and wiggle it abit.  It will definitely confuse them and they will leave you alone.  I swear it works every time.

Seriously, though, props to you for not being afraid to…How do I put this?  Take up for yourself.  Too many girls nowadays just fall right back into what ever drama they had just came out of.  I’ve seen it happen so many times (especially with myself).  Fakes just deserve the boot; no second chances, no nothings; just Grandpa’s big ol’ stinky boot.

Yay for upfrontness!

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@Kat eheheh I know

@Leslie Thank you!

@Sara Sadly, Chrissy made it very clear in her emails that she was not commenting from a good place, she has a lot of misplaced anger and aggression towards me. I will not put you in the middle so that’s all I will say about that.

Yeppers I think Chris has a fanclub now!

@Anna awww that freaking MADE MY DAY seriously!! I always feel like I can’t take a decent photo to save my life lol. Yeah, I actually got three emails, I responded to the first two but afterwards realized… I can’t get through to her, she refuses to take responsibility for her actions and that’s HER problem, not mine.

@Tammie Yay you can be my bodyguard like Kevin Costner and I can be Whitney Houston!!

@Red {{hugs}} THANK YOU! I read somewhere that when you try to make positive changes in your life, all the negative people will come out of the woodwork and try to make you feel bad. I guess that was the case here? Regardless, I know I’m not some super bitch like she would like ME to believe! The Goddess would knock me on my ass if I was being bad lol

@Raven ahahah Shake that ass! Thank you, I rarely mention any “drama” specifically going on in my life but it really just… peeved me and I didn’t have much patience this week lol.

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