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So cute! My youngest LOVES apples… He actually ate TWO the other day when we were at my moms…

I want to squish his cheeks!

Reply to Danielle

Thank you! Oh yes, both kids love fruit hardcore. A lot of the time I will go over to where we store the apples and see little baby bite marks all over them lol.


My son loves them too. He’ll eat until he gets to the seeds then I have to be like “NO DONT DO THAT!!” xD

Those photos are adorable btw. :D So cute.

Reply to Jenny

The top shot is totally awesome! I’m trying to figure out his expression in the other two — to me it’s saying “Um, why are you looking at me Mom?” ;-)

Reply to cheryl

Thank you! Oh yes, he thought I was nuts getting in his face while he was eating LOL!


That apple is the size of his head!! TOOO Cute!! I love his little scrunched eyebrows.

Reply to Sara

Oh yes! He also eats whole bananas too LOL. I don’t know where he puts it all.

It’s amazing how big he’s gotten! I love the third one. It’s like he’s saying:
“Really, mom? Picture time NOW?! At least let me swallow first.”


ah, what great photos!! My son loves fruit too, ALL fruit. I wish I could get him to love veggies that much, but I’ll take fruit. At least we have fruit.

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