My Baby Son is Adorable

April 10th 2010 / 1 minute to read

Seriously. I breed cuteness. Just admire the nummies and comment on how squishy and sweet he is.

You know you want to.



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Awwww! Such gorgeous photos of him! I love his eyes! :)

Reply to Caity

Thank you! It’s such a perfect mix of me, his dad, AND his brother I swear!


Oh he is total squishy gorgeousness!!! I love the 2 little baby teeth in the bottom pic. :)

Reply to Lisa

OMG I love his wee baby teeth. So chompy and cute lol.


He is seriously adorable!

Reply to Kassie

Thank you!


He really is adorable. That’s for sure:)

Reply to Cecilie

LOL thank you!!

He IS adorable. I should know, I have an adorable one myself ;-).

See! You are in the “I only breed cuteness” club too!


So is that a Pooh Bear onesie I see?!?!?!? HAHAHAHA!! I knew it would happen one day and now we have proof!

Reply to Ali

LOL and jumper thing too actually. Blame Keith! He’s the one that dressed him!

It’s hard to say which feature I love best! The nose? Or those ears? OR those cute rosy lips. What a cutie!

LOL thank you! I think he’s inherited his daddy’s red-hair too… to a degree anyway. Strawberry blond perhaps!

TEEEEEEEEEF!!!!! <3 <3

DUDE I know, I love his baby teefies yo!

OMG he is so adorable! Great pictures!

Thank you! You can see in these photos especially how he seems to be getting his daddy’s red hair, at the very least strawberry blond!


He’s so cute, I can’t stand it!!!

Reply to Caitlin

LOL thank you so much!


that first picture slays me every time i run into it. it’s so adorable! :)

Reply to Mari

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