January 6th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

You know it is really bad when you DREAM of your swollen feet!

Anyways, people PLEASE take into account that I no longer will be using AOL for OBVIOUS reasons, so PLEASE email me at my osn account, or if you are the lucky few, my new email. Obviously if you look to the left, you will see a TON of contact options!

Matt called a bit ago to check up on me, I had to get up to pee anyways heh, but that was nice of him. I am getting more and more into nervous breakdown mode cause it is almost “that” day!! I need someone I can call from the hospital so they can post *I will add them as a temporary author* that I had the baby. Anyone up for it? I have a phone card so that is no issue.

I feel kinda bad for not posting more, especially the last few days, but ethier I am pissed, or had to do baby things, or I am just plain passed out!

Oh Mary called me today, her comp like died heh, so she has to wait until the end of this week to recieve in the mail the non damaged windows recovery disks. I would be in WITHDRAWL!

Supposedly I am to expect another “baby” box from my mother, hopefully it has stuff we can use in the first months and not a year or more from now like most of the content in the other boxes. I just hope it comes before wednesday!!

Well I suppose that is it for now! I am glad everyone likes this layout!! Makes me feel the love! I am gonna go back to bed, at least until Matt comes home, then he will probably make a little something for me to nibble on and some milk, *Milk is on SALE!! $1.68 a GALLON!!!!!* and once again I will pass out after that and he will most likely play online hehehe. Okey *prance prance prance* I shall babble on more later!!

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