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February 7th 2022 / 2 minutes to read

I mistakenly tried to leave my beloved One Starry Night. Alas, I have come back! I read all 2,000+ of my posts, and wow, what a journey it has been over the last two decades! I struggled with writing, sharing, and taking photos, which started full force in 2015. I thought a fresh new start at a different URL would somehow fix that. It didn’t. After discussing it at length with one of my best friends, it just made sense to come back to my online home!

I did my best to go through and clean up all of the theme code and styles. Hopefully, nothing looks jacked up on mobile. I didn’t change the theme design too much, went back to an old favorite for a script font (classic OSN), and spruced up the header. I pared down the categories and updated the about page a bit (the photo is vastly outdated, I miss my long purple hair!). I also put up a resources page.

I am still trying to find my way back on the photography front. I recently got myself a Flickr Pro account, and I realized I’d had Flickr since 2005! I also recently purchased a new tripod as my previous one broke years and years ago. Finally, I need to calibrate my lenses because they seem to be back focusing, so annoying! I also feel like I’m starting over as a newbie because it’s been so many years since I consistently shot photos.

Do you have a semi-active blog? Do you still read personal blogs?

Well, I am happy to be “home.”

This post is over a year old which means the content may be outdated or no longer accurate.

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Album Art for Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park

Breaking the Habit

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Bring Me to Life


Bring Me to Life

Album Art for Take a Look Around

Limp Bizkit

Take a Look Around

Welcome home! This feels right. ❤️

Thank you so much!

I must have started following your blog near the beginning but due to one thing or another I ended up reading fewer and fewer blogs (I haven’t blogged myself since 2018, but recently dusted my website off and relaunched).

In getting back into blogging I wondered how you were doing and finally remembered your domain. It’s good to see you’re still here.

OMG Simon!! It’s been absolutely forever! I am so happy to know you’re getting back into blogging as well!

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