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Work Things

I upgraded blog script to newest version – Madhoo
I set up the Services portion of OSN.
Emailed prospective clients back.
Called temp agency yet again, still no openings.
Pondering the possibility of permitting small image or text advertisements since I average 300-450 visitors a day.

OSN Things

Don’t know why it took me so long to finally do, but I took 30 minutes to be XHTML Validated and 3 minutes to be CSS Validated.  It actually was fun for me. I also compacted the sidebar a bit and added subpages and updated those subpages.
Removed a couple more hostees. Still waiting to be contacted by two of them.
I added a Weather section in my sidebar.
Added extra linkback buttons.

Other Things

I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. Maybe I will make a pizza because I do have a bar of cheese somewhere. Or maybe the chicken mushroom noodle thingy.

Daniel just hasn’t been his normally perky self the past few days. More cranky. He totally had a meltdown today because the bread (out of buns) his hotdog was in, split at the bottom. I was on the phone with my sister at the time and even she said it was just so sad. I wonder if the weather is bothering him? I know he tends to get really cranky when it is humid outside.


In the extended area are some layouts that OSN used (well one of them) and a bunch I started and didn’t finish or finished but never used. I wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to buy one off of me or wanted me to do something similar for their website.

posted on August 19th 2004 at 9:54PM CDT

Gorgeous layout! It looks fantastic!
:) xoxo

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