First, I would like to express my disbelief that Ashley took it upon herself, after months of zero contact (we had a falling out), to apparently nominate me as “Freakiest Blogger”. Now, generally I wouldn’t have minded except it was her, who has a tendency to be malicious and my utter confusion, “Sarah is… well, she’s different.”, which makes me question the whole thing. Is this some sort of stab at my being Pagan? I don’t see what’s so “freaky” or “different” about me. Unless being a hard working single parent on a low income is something so rare, so bizarre, that she has to attack me for it? The whole situation makes me feel uncomfortable, not to mention that site is run by that pay per post company and I don’t want to be affiliated over there right now.

Onto other things…

I went to the doctor yesterday which was beyond pointless. I had to hear some poor 6 month old baby get five separate vaccinations. It broke my heart how someone could do that without even researching vaccinations. The doctor basically told me that the back pain will “eventually go away” and he couldn’t “do much about the migraines” and yet prescribed me Elavil… I don’t think I really need to feel suicidal from a drug right now! The side effects are scary! Plus it even states that it wouldn’t really be wise to take that drug if you’re bipolar… which I am. Just insane! Oh and my wisdom tooth is trying to escape out of my mouth in a super painful way. Poor Heather had me calling her ranting and raving about the doctor and my tooth heh.

At the store yesterday, my son found a toy guitar with all sorts of buttons and noises, that was originally $24… it was on sale for $9… HELL YES! So once we got home, he came to me and said, “So I was thinking…. you can join my band…. maybe the drums…. yeah I’ll put you on drums… *runs off to find a broken drum* here you go!” Then proceeded to rock out. I only wish I had a digital video camera to show how he really and truly rocks hard core with a guitar.

Oh this is funny, over at dnscoop apparently OSN is worth $14,544. If only!

Since I will be doing my grocery shopping either tonight or tomorrow, I would appreciate some tasty recipes, anything and everything!

posted on April 6th 2007 at 11:51AM CDT

We could make it into a game! Try and figure out why Sarah is different!

Here are my guesses:

1. You’re different because you don’t use your religious beliefs to make yourself look better all the while going against their inherent tenets. For instance, calling yourself a christian and banging someone who isn’t divorced and having a child out of wedlock.

2. You’re different because you don’t cram your nose up other web personas’ asses just to gain street cred on these here internets. You are who you are.

3. And lastly, you’re actually an interesting read and a well-spoken woman with intelligence and class.

Now what do I win?

james r.
posted on April 6th 2007 at 1:37PM CDT

Yeah, giving someone who’s bipolar an antidepressant can result in a manic episode.  Not cool. Stupid doctor. *kicks doctor in shins*

Oh, I ran my blog through dnscoop and it’s worth a raging…wait for it… $90! Heh.

I really hope your doctor gets a clue. *kicks doctor again and runs away*

posted on April 6th 2007 at 4:19PM CDT

You can’t ask to have your blog removed?  I’d think they’d be okay with removing somebody that didn’t want the extra traffic/attention.

I DO NOT miss the days of noisey toys.  Not at all.  Nope.  But still, rocking out does sound kinda fun.  ;)

posted on April 6th 2007 at 6:22PM CDT

Well that one chick sounds like a bitch and not worth your time.

And medication is a tricky thing, just because it is not always good for all people with bipolar disorder does not mean it will affect you the same way, I am on a medication that is supposedly extremely dangerous combined with zoloft, however I have not been affected in any negative way, so my doctor kept me on it, I’d get a second opinion for sure about this medication but don’t rule it out just because some side effects can interfere with BPD, it’s not always the same for all patients.

posted on April 7th 2007 at 4:05PM CDT

I was actually going to nominate you for best photo blog and saw you were already up for freakiest blogger – I thought that was weird, too! Sorry it upset you. You CAN ask to be removed from the nominations.

posted on April 8th 2007 at 7:00PM CDT

im having major trouble with my wordpress and was wondering if you would mind helping me out?