I took some beef stew meat, seasoned and coated in flour, I then browned the meat. I then deglazed the pan and slapped in some celery and carrot and onion. I tossed all of that into the crock pot with some fresh thyme, quartered red potatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, and a large can of pureed tomatoes. I let that cook on high for four hours. I also made buttermilk biscuits in the shape of an oak leaf.




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posted on October 10th 2005 at 6:56PM CDT

looks really yummy! 

And every time I visit your site, I’m tempted to buy expression engine too!

posted on October 10th 2005 at 5:26PM CDT

Looks soo very very nummy and those biscuits are so cute!

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