Before Bed

March 23rd 2005 / 1 minute to read

My sister’s boyfriend came to my work to give me medicine so I finally got some relief! After work (at this point I was in crack headish relief from a lot of meds I got in my system today) we went to the park, then came back to this apartment and went on the playground.

I guess this weekend my sister wants to do an Easter dinner. Basically… she just wants to eat ham, dye some eggs, and make my wee child hunt for those pretty eggs.

I guess that means she needs to buy him a fancy easter basket for those eggs.

This completely scared me today, because I work for a smaller very similar company just one town over.

Well, I am going to try to get some rest!

Oh yeah, I updated my links too!

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Jane Smith

Rest well. I hope you’re feeling better – Easter dinner & feeling icky isn’t so much fun.

Reply to Jane Smith

oh, I’m glad you’re feeling better! easter egg-hunting sounds like fun :] except, I could never dye them properly, something would always go wrong.. that’s why markers are awesome!

Rest sounds good.. you’ve got a long weekend ahead of you :] have fun!

Reply to Janet

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