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posted on August 19th 2005 at 3:56PM CDT

The real rave reviews are for my Xmas/Wedding/Birthday Cakes… Rich Fruit Cake covered with Marzipan and Icing – best made 3 months before it’s wanted so it can mature. :)

On the meal front though it’s probably my Thai Green Curry using homemade Green Curry Paste (Lime Juice /Zest ,Lemon Grass, Green Chilli’s, Coriander, Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce), Garlic, Salt & Pepper).

Both recipes are long… but wil share if anyone’s desperately keen to try them. :)

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posted on August 20th 2005 at 2:09AM CDT

My potato salad and lasagne.  Oh and my gumbo, but you might not be able to get the mix I use for it up in IL.

My potato salad, .. there’s no measuring.  I just do however many potatos and however many eggs, usually about 7 potatos and 3-4 eggs.  Just boil them, mash them, add salt and pepper, mayo and HONEY mustard.  It makes it sweet.  I dont’ get it right all the time though, cause I dont’ measure.  But when it’s right it’s GOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Lasagne… uhhhhh lasagne noodles, lasagne seasoned hunts tomato sauce, mozzeralla cheese, ricotta cheese, parmesean cheese 2 eggs and ground meat.  You brown the meat, add the sauce and season how you like (salt pepper frozen seasoning blend of peppers and onions) mix the eggs, ricotta cheese, parmesean cheese together.  Line the pan with the noodles, plut half grond meat, then half the cheese mix, rinse wash repeat top with mozz cheese.  REally basic recipe.