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March 4th 2008 / 1 minute to read

I’m still in a lot of pain, thankfully the guys at work are helping me carry the heavy stuff. This sucks. I should hear back from the guy’s insurance tomorrow since a physical damage adjuster apparently looked at my car today. I am so pissed about the whole thing. Oh and it didn’t help that my son’s father (after ignoring his son for months including xmas and his son’s birthday for the second year in a row) felt the need to harass me while at work today via text message. Like I don’t have enough to deal with right now right?

My son however is doing great, has been a HUGE help since I can’t really bend or you know… do much of anything physically without ranting and raving about the evil that is the back pain. So we played with my camera last night, he SAID he was going to give me a kiss and well… he faked me out. Silly boy.


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Aww so sweet, the both of you! :D

Reply to Sarah

Aww, I love that picture!  I’m sorry about your sons father too, I hope he stopped bothering you.

Reply to Jenn

That is just adorable. =D

Reply to Erin

That really is my favourite photo of you both =)

I hope things are alright. If you need a hand with anything or just feel like a chat, you know what to do ;D

PS: /photo has gotten quiet lately :( I’ll go on a posting rampage and referral rampage on the weekend to pick things up. <3

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