Birth Story

January 13th 2002 / 7 minutes to read

I am finally home so here is my birth story, heh sitting isn’t fun at the moment since eventually I always have to stand up *shudders*

We finally got to the hospital at 9:15am *15 min late* on Wednesday morning. After being put into the only room open, which was the recovery rooms, I got my nifty gown on, waited a bit, had the nurse and one of the anethesiologists *so spelled wrong* start to get an IV and a blood drawn, the top of my right hand had a nice vein, well the anethesiologist put the needle straight through my vein. PAIN! I have a huge bruise very visible through out the vein. So they go to my left hand and success!

So I wait, Matt puts his nifty scrubs on, I get a nifty hat, and I get scared. VERY scared, since up until this point, my main and only fear was getting the spinal. heh. Least of my painful worries in retrospect! So finally I am told it is time. I get into the OR, I seriously thought those tables were bigger! I get onto the table, curve my back, everyone is all like “that is wonderful your back is perfect!” I get the numbing shots, really not that bad at all. Then they try to get the spinal in. It took 8-9 tries. Only slightly hurt because of so many tries. I have a HUGE bruise on my back. FINALLY it kicked in. It was like my legs were falling asleep! So they swing me onto little table, clean my regions and belly and setting up everything, I kept trying to move my legs but couldn’t it was bizzare *did I mention after the IV I got my belly from under my breasts down to the middle of my regions shaved?* I honestly thought I had feeling in my belly in legs, lo and behold while I was begging to be warned when I was getting the catheter, it had already been in for a few minutes hehe.

Then I hear the words “incision at 11:40-something” I’m like DUDE I am already CUT? How COOL! hehehehe So they bring Matt in, now I am getting VERY sick to my stomach, the oxygen mask was sooo making me sick so they gave some anti nausea meds in my IV line. Helped a ton. Then I felt like SLIGHT pressure NOT pain, mostly under my breasts since well that was where the baby was at heh. Then I heard “it is a boy!!” and they showed him to us, covered in vernix. I didn’t think I would, but I did cry heh. Matt kept saying *and STILL does* “he looks JUST like you Sarah, he has your MOUTH!” Then we heard them go “8lbs 3oz!” I went “holy crap hes huge!” ahahahhahahaa soooooo they did his APGARs which were 8/9 and his length which I honestly forget at the moment, I think its like 21inches. His head is 13inches around.

He seriously came out SCREAMING, it was a wonderful sound. I was so in shock. So, they eventually take him down to the recovery room with Matt, and they cleaned me up, trippy when you have a spinal!! They were really praising me on how fast my uterus went down eehhehee. So I got stapled up, finally got to recovery. I am told I am going to be given morphine for pain. Over one hour, 10grams of Morphine was pumped through my veins. With NO effect. I cried and said it hurt over and over, I couldn’t raise my voice, I couldn’t yell, *not like I would want to* I only cried, I was shaking SO bad *effects of the spinal* so after that hour, and shock at how it didn’t take affect. I was given the wonderful perfect Demerol. I was given that for the day, oh the lovely stuff! Helped SO much!! In the warmer in the recovery room, Mr. little firehose here decided to let loose and pee everywhere! Man did that crack me and Matt up, well besides my pain at the time. So we get to my room, which I would be in until Saturday *yesterday*. I suppose thats it since that was well the birth.

Breastfeeding is going wonderfully, although night nurses = evil day nurses=perfect people. Seriously everynight I would have night nurses try to convince me to use bottles and formula. ONE even said “no wait let me FINISH, it won’t be given through a BOTTLE but through a feeding syringe!!” Oh yeah MUCHO difference there huh! Also how I was “breastfeeding for FAR too long” because I was not doing 5 min on left breast, 5 min on right breast, and then waiting 3 hours to feed him again. I was feeding him when he showed interest, and usually for 20-30 min on whichever side felt better heh. I have to admit my niplets are sore for the first 2-4 min when he latches on but after than it is all good, I do have a nice huge tube thanks to Matt of Lansinoh Lanolin which helps keep my niplets moist n what not.

The baby does have a touch of Jaundice so we are going back in a little bit to have him get a blood test to check his levels. They peak within the first 3-4 days so perhaps it has gone down to a more normal level.

Overall it was a good experience. I wish I had listened to my instincts and Matt’s instincts and a few friends about having my sister come up. It was a horrible experience having her there and we are having to deal with problems from it now. But now I know not to ignore how I feel and that I am seriously not allowing her or most anyone to come visit at all. For having the c-section, the HAVING it part is fine, the RECOVERY is what is painful and difficult. The first time you sit you WILL cry it hurts a LOT. The first time you stand up, you will want to just scream and cry and never do it again, same with walking, but you know what? It gets better. I was walking BY MYSELF to and from the bathroom for the last two days of my hospital stay. It is slow, and painful but I CAN do it! I will get my staples out Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. heheh Funny note, the baby has peed on Matt twice now ahahhahahaa it was pretty funny, I cracked UP so bad over it, I found it and still do find it hysterical! Well thats it for now, I am waiting for Matt to come back from Ames and then he will help me get dressed and we will get the baby ready and go get his blood checked out. I thank everyone for the lovely comments on the baby entry Crystal and Amber wrote. I do have pictures we took with our digital camera, but I am not comfortable with putting them on my site at the moment. If you would like to see, and I know you/trust you/etc. Just comment and I will email you some!

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