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What does your birthday say about you?

October 17th

No ordinary person lol so true
full imagination and originality yes
shy and reserved yes
ambitious somewhat
proud somewhat
self-respect somewhat
hungers for new experiences yes
sometimes nervous lol yes
many complexes yes haha
good memory sometimes lol
learns easily yes
complicated love life AHAHAHHAHAHA YES
wants to impress yes

posted on June 27th 2003 at 8:05PM CDT

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posted on June 28th 2003 at 11:12AM CDT

Heh, mine was totally not accurate = lol.. cool site :)

posted on June 28th 2003 at 6:14PM CDT

Hey Sarah, I’m so sorry about your situation, I really hope things will be better : I can’t donate anything to you because I’m underage, but I’ll certainly do what others have done: plug you on my site. Good luck, take care!


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