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Dean Winchester

Happy Birthday! I wish you the very best. :)

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Thank you

Happy birthday!!! (Is that one of your photos? It’s pretty!)

Thank you! Yes, it’s a photo I shot… two years ago!

Happy Birthday Sarah Beara! I heart you!!

Thank you!!!

The Feminist Breeder

Your photos kill me. Too good. Happy Birthday again.

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The Feminist Breeder

Oh, I just noticed that the #TFBreeder twitter handle is showing up as mine – EEEK! That’s not me anymore! That’s a troll account! How do I change that?

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Thank you! Fixed the handle issue.


happy birthday!!!

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kristen @ glambunctious

Happy birthday, sugar lumps! ;D

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Happy Birthday Sarah. Sorry I’m a little late. I have not had access to blogs for some time. I do hope you had a good day!

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