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Birthday Thoughts

Yeah I am entertaining myself tonight by listing all the things I would like for my birthday ahhaha I know I won’t get them, but well… one can hope right!

Goddess Tarot Deck
Celtic Tarot
Goddess Tarot
Wheel of the Year Pendant

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posted on October 9th 2003 at 11:04AM CDT

Hallo there.
Lovely site you have here. The domain is great, it sounds all magical and pretty.
Hope you get all that you want for your birthday.

posted on October 9th 2003 at 1:09PM CDT

hi! you have a wonderful website and i have greatly enjoyed my visit! your hard work and dedication definitely shines through! i plan to return very, very soon! ^.^ perhaps i will see you around my site as well! i’d love to have you visit. keep up the wonderful work!

posted on October 9th 2003 at 2:15PM CDT

Sarah that celtic tarot deck is *beautiful* A friend of mine has it and I force her to do readings for me with it just so I can see the pictures. Although my favourite deck is Tarot of a Moon Garden.

Good luck on the birthday wants :)

posted on October 9th 2003 at 2:20PM CDT

Oh and I meant to say if you want some help with Pagan@OSN just send me an email karyn at black-dove.net :)

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