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I updated Imagination, so check that out. Chubs got another bottom molar! So that is what… 4 molars in a week? My teething machine! I took a couple oh-so-cute pictures of him tonight, being the little joker he is, if anyone wants them (if I know you) then by all means let me know and I will share!

Ugh it sucks, lately, I am tired but I don’t sleep, because I have been dreaming a ton and naturally I remember most if not all, of my dreams.

I have stamps, I just need to write some real letters!! Especially to Crystal!

Ugh my brain just is not working lately! I have so much I want to write, but by the time I have a chance, I totally space out!

I still need to do a thank you page heh.

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posted on March 23rd 2003 at 10:05AM CST

I haven’t seen Chubs in over a year, I remember seeing them cute pictures of him as a newborn :)

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posted on March 23rd 2003 at 5:59PM CST

i want to see!  please?

Angel Whispers
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posted on March 24th 2003 at 1:44PM CST

I would like to see chubs… if you are comfortable sending them my way.  If not I will totally understand.  :o)

I finally was able to get on your page today.  Now, lets see if it will let me post.