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I don’t know what to even say right now, my sister is supposed to put together the dresser she got me tonight, since she does not work tomorrow. My brother came over earlier and I typed up a report for him, for his spanish class. He was being nice, played with chubs, it was cute.

As to myself, I am still having a hard time dealing and accepting all of this. Cramps do not help, although believe me, I welcome the reason the cramps are here.    So whenever my sister comes home, I am going to vacumn my bedroom, make it all spiffy clean. 

Blah, I am just really tired today, I am hungry, but it is very hard to make anything and hold chubs at the same time, at least anything over the stove. Anyone have any healthy suggestions?

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posted on March 16th 2003 at 11:35PM CST

You could make yourself a little salad, it doesn’t take too long :)

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posted on March 17th 2003 at 9:27AM CST

Sorry about the cramps!  I hope it passes quickly!  I am here for ya if you ever need to vent/talk.  Stay strong!